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It’s been quite a year.  One year ago who would have guessed what we would have experienced this year.  Our normal ways of acting and coping were challenged or taken away from us.  But as one of my favorite authors talks about, our ministry is found in the interruptions.  And frankly, this year turned out to be one big interruption.

In some ways I think we struggled.  Some of our leadership in the departments we work for didn’t see the use for chaplains during the pandemic and we were deemed non-essential.  Which made reaching out to our first responders that more difficult.

Frankly, we live more in a virtual world than we did a year ago.  We as an association did well in keeping up with our training blogs.  This is something we started at the founding of SCPSCA and continue to this day.  Also, many of us moved our connections virtual as our organizations dispersed.  While this was not ideal, I believe that those of us who kept even virtual connections are better poised for deeper ministry as we emerge out of the pandemic.

So, where do we go from here?  Frankly, we are just coming out of the interruption.  And we plan to have training events as venues become available. 


We all long for “normal” to return, but in the meantime, I believe that God calls us to be faithful in the interruptions.  For that is where we, as public safety chaplains live and work best.

Chaplain Chris M. Wade
South Carolina Public Safety Chaplains Association

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SC Public Safety Association Chaplain Response Team (CST)

The SCPSCA Executive Board revised the criteria for CST membership. There will now be two levels of membership:

CST Team Leader

  • Full SCPSCA member

  • CISM Individual & Group Training

  • IS-100, 200, 505 & 700 online courses

CST Team Member

  • Full SCPSCA member

  • CISM Individual  or FAST Training

  • IS-100, 200, & 505  online courses

With COVID starting to wind down (but not out) we are starting to see some of the training venues opening up.  Some are open fully, and some with restrictions.

Under the "Home" button in the upper left, you will find both listings for training and events.  We will keep these up to date.  Also,
please stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming training opportunities throughout 2021.

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