Due to COVID-19 our Spring training was canceled. Stay tuned to this site for our Summer training.  We will try to reschedule our Spring training for later this year.

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SC Public Safety Association Chaplain Response Team (CST)

The SCPSCA Executive Board revised the criteria for CST membership. There will now be two levels of membership:

CST Team Leader

  • Full SCPSCA member

  • CISM Individual & Group Training

  • IS-100, 200, 505 & 700 online courses

CST Team Member

  • Full SCPSCA member

  • CISM Individual  or FAST Training

  • IS-100, 200, & 505  online courses

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CST- Chaplain Support Team

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              A door has closed and a new one has opened! Chris Wade, the new SCPSCA President will carry the torch after Dave DeDenato paved the way for us. We all witnessed a heartfelt goodbye ceremony and the swearing in of new officers. Bennie Durham is the new VP president and will take over Presidency in 2021. Kelly Mason was sworn in as secretary and Sunny Mooney as the Treasurer. Gina Hovis is the Spiritual Care Director and all prayer requests can be forwarded to her email. Gina@SCPSCA.org

          In sharing with each other, we learned a lot about one another and witnessed some pretty unforgettable moments in SCPSCA history. We all have quite the sense of humor! Gene Pitts shared ever so charmingly he was “quite a big deal” in the Upstate

and the police chaplains witnessed Dave DeDenato truly crack up in class when he realized it might be the end of the day! That was priceless. Overall there was an extraordinary amount of valuable information shared, but more so the new relationships built can’t be taken from us or ever replaced.

New Leadership

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Gina Hovis, SCPSCA Spiritual Care Director.

Her team stands ready to serve, pray and offer practical help. 

Summer Board Meeting with MCA a Success


SCPSCA members met with the Military Chaplains Association at their annual meeting in Columbia on August 20 @ the Embassy Suites.  

Members of both associations met together in the morning to attend two seminars on Veterans affairs:

"Mental Health and Chaplaincy in the VA: Opportunities for Integration and Education"

“The Efficacy of Veterans Courts in the Community"   













That afternoon, President Dave presented a class, "Spiritual Faith, Public Safety Officers and Critical Incident Trauma"  to SCPSCA members. 

SCPSCA President Dave Elected MCA President







At their annual business meeting on August 21, the Military Chaplains Association of the USA elected Dave DeDonato as their National President. Dave succeeds another SCPSCA member, Michael Langston, in this position.

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