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Meaning & Colors

The meanings for the colors and images (some are based on heraldic meanings):

Red: Firefighters, Hunger (for God's leading)


White: Wholeness (of mind, body, and spirit as God's creation), Spirituality


Blue: Law Enforcement, EMS, Dependability (of chaplains and public safety officers), Calm (amid crisis), Spirituality


Police Badge: Law Enforcement


Maltese Cross Badge: Firefighters


Medical Cross: EMS, Fire/Rescue


Palmetto & Crescent: South Carolina


Shepherd's Crook: Chaplains as shepherds for public safety personnel regardless of faith, denomination, or belief


Rays & Palm Branches: The rays represent universal truth and the surrounding palm branches spiritual victory


Azure Blue (within the Palm Branches): Represents the heavens and alludes to the spiritual nature the chaplaincy

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