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I make the bed every morning. It makes little sense to me, because the next time I walk back in the room at the end of the day, I will mess it back up. Honestly, it makes more sense to not make it. The idea of a neat bed does not sustain itself logically over time.

I make the bed for my beautiful wife. I make the bed for someone. It is all for her. It is how I love her.

As chaplains, we serve in the most severe circumstances, not because it is a nice ideal. We do not serve simply because it is the right thing to do. We do not serve for positive feedback. We do not serve for something. We serve for Someone.

As Mother Teresa said, if we served for something, we would just be social workers, but we serve for Someone, our Living God, hidden in the midst of another's suffering. My faith tradition says that what I have done to the suffering, I have done to God.

This is what sustains us in ministry. We endure, we serve, we suffer, we celebrate, not for a something that will fall short sustaining us, but for a Someone that we love deeply through our servanthood. This is our love language.

Thank you for loving God through the calls you answer, your Presence, your servanthood, your love language. I thank the "SomeOne you serve" for you!

Chaplain Rich Robinson

Training Director South Carolina Public Safety Chaplains Association

Senior Chaplain

Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy

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