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How I Know God Is Bigger Than COVID-19

A Chaplain’s Testimony

If you’re like me, you’re so tired of hearing about COVID-19. Wherever you look, it seems all anyone is talking about. It may consume most of our thoughts. But let me take a moment to tell you about my COVID-19 experience and how I know God is bigger than COVID-19.

In late June, I learned I had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Immediately I let everyone at my office know and went to get tested. I waited and waited and waited some more for my test results to come back, and meanwhile I self-quarantined. I was still waiting for the results when I woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and shortness of breath. I went right to the emergency room. They ran many tests and eventually admitted me to the hospital.

The moment I found out I was getting admitted to the hospital for COVID-19, my heart began to race, but not because I was scared of something happening to me. I was thinking about my wife and my six-month-old daughter. I had exposed them! Who will take care of my daughter if my wife catches this virus, too? What will happen if the baby catches it? Those and a million other thoughts flooded my mind.

Right then the nurse, who happens to attend the church where I work, reached over, put her hand on my shoulder, and reminded me, “It’s all going to be okay; God is so much bigger than this. Remember 1 Peter 5:7. Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” I knew she was right and felt immediate relief.

I made it to the room that would be my home for the next few days and the hospital staff made it their first priority to get my oxygen level back up. It took me about 24 hours to breathe on my own without being on as much oxygen. With the treatment the hospital provided, I felt better and better each day.

I do my best to be friendly, loving, and caring to everyone because that is the example Christ set for us, and that was what I tried to do while I was in the hospital. There was one staff member I made real connection with. She asked what I did for work and when she learned I was a pastor and a chaplain she began asking me questions about God. From that moment on every time she came into the room we would talk about God.

The day finally arrived for me to leave the hospital and this lady was not there. But I went home and continued to quarantine for ten more days while taking medicine. Three and a half weeks after I was discharged from hospital, I had to pick up something at Walmart and ran into the lady from the hospital. She was so excited to see me! She immediately told me that since our conversation made her want to know more about God, she’d decided to try to find my church so she could “try it out.” But she couldn’t remember the name of it. Instead she googled churches in the area and found one that had online services.

She started watching their services online to learn more about God, and as she watched, something changed. She somehow knew that there was a God and wanted Him in her life. That day she prayed with the pastor and accepted Christ.

I was over the moon with joy to hear that. I asked which church she was watching, and it turned out it was the same church I work for. Look at how God works! She is planning on attending this coming Sunday in person.

Even with all the craziness in the world, we are seeing people come to Christ every day. Let’s do our part to share Christ’s love everywhere. After all, God is still on the throne and He is still King of kings. So, it’s easy to see that God is bigger than COVID-19.

Chaplain Steven Bell E-Mail: Bluffton Police Department Training Director, SCPSCA

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