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Hope in a new season

As we approach the end of the year, I have had a number of friends tell me that they just want this year to be done. Frankly, I can't really blame them, 2020 hasn't really been a stellar year for many reasons. But let's not throw everything out yet. Let's take advantage of everything that "hope" has to offer.

The dictionary says that hope is "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen." Our politicians, advertisers, and psychologist push hope on us all with the expectation of getting something from us. But pure hope is not found in what we can get from each other, but instead it is borne out of love in what we can give each other without reciprocation.

So, let me declare a few things at the end of 2020.

· My hope is not in promises unkept

· My hope is not in vaccines that are not here, or will come in future months

· My hope is not in what politicians say

· My hope is not in Amazon or UPS getting that package to me on time, or for that matter any essential worker doing their job.

· My hope is not in my employer saying that I have a job, or that I will even make enough to live on.

· My hope is not in people doing the right thing, even when it's not to their advantage

· My hope is not even in all the great things that were accomplished this year.

No, this time of year reminds me that hope found in Advent. Hope is found in what happened 2000 years ago in a sleepy little town in Palestine. Hope is found in the incarnation and all that means that God was with us. Hope found in a God who says He will never leave us, even during these years like 2020. And finally, as I look forward in expectation of better days ahead, I find that hope is found in the one who said, "It is finished".

In Him,

Chaplain Chris M. Wade


South Carolina Public Safety Chaplains Association

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