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The Flower

Recently I had a dear friend share a quote with me that fits into being a Chaplain. It went like this, “When the flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” As I sat there pondering over what was just said to me, it hit home. The individuals we interact with in our profession are the flower. A gorgeous thriving plant at one time. Yet, over time, something happened and began to weaken that flower. Can a flower without proper resources live? Yes, it can, but will it thrive like it once did?

As we have seen over our lifetimes good people lose hope and change. They let darkness seep in, with very little nutrition feeding back into them, until they wither away.

Growing up in the heart of Maine helped train me to live life helping others. Whether it be the neighbor across the street or the older gentleman in the store straining to pick an item off the shelf. This journey isn’t meant to be done alone. Should we solely rely on others? No, that isn’t what the design is meant to be. Our lives are like a field of flowers. By grouping together our root system supports each other from the wind, the slight tug of an animal or a trampling of a vehicle. We hold shade for the smaller flowers who need a special type of growth. As a whole we share the nutrition from the soil. With all the right elements and teamwork, we thrive.

Now back to that quote. A flower that slowly withers away from lack of sun, water, minerals or whatever it may be. We can transition that support system to a healthy lifestyle. Find a better environment for thriving. Give it proper water or replace soil for growth. Once we find the right elements that flower will glow like it once did. As humans we are far from perfect. Take care of our bodies. Keep others accountable. Show love in a world full of hate. If or when you decide to plant or grow flowers, do your research so they can thrive.

Chaplain A.J. Bowen Belvedere Fire Department


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