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To Protect and to Serve

Is a police chaplain just a want-to-be police officer without the commitment of the requirements of a police officer? Well if that answer is yes, then that Chaplain should be removed from service. The position of police Chaplain is a calling or if not how could a ministry or any service be adequate.

At most police departments one will find the words, "To Protect and to Serve." This should be planted upon the heart of each police Chaplain. Though you are not there to protect, however should that officer become involved in a violent situation the Chaplain is there to take whatever measures he/she has been trained to get immediate aid to the officer. You are there to protect through ways you may not think necessary or important. What better means of protection than through prayer for that officer? You are there to protect by being a listening ear if that officer felt the need to discuss matters with you. Always remember, when you are serving as police Chaplain you are "on their turf," therefore you are not there to give all advise, though that may be necessary, what is so vital is to be a good listener. Space will not permit in this blog to share the need or importance of listening.

Next you are there to serve. Again, your service may be through prayer, being a listener, or just being someone to talk with to help make the shift go smoothly. Jesus washed feet of His followers, so there will be opportunities to not literally wash feet, but to be a humbled servant. Oh, the comments that have been spoken by officers in years past: "Thank you for just riding along," "Chaplain you will never know what your presence meant to me." But heaven forbid should there be an officer involved shooting, you are there to serve that officer with comfort. Should there occur a LODD you are there to serve that officer's family and department. Again, space will not permit the many ways and opportunities you will have to serve.

May I complete this bog by quoting another Chaplain of what an officer said to them. When the chaplain asked the officer what they thought of the Chaplain program, the office responded, "We would like to know you before we need you."

Chaplain Kenny Moore Clinton Public Safety

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