Upcoming Training

(July 12-16) This year the International Conference of Police Chaplains is holding its annual training seminar in Greenville, SC.   More information and registration can be found at www.ICPC4Cops.org.

(July 14) The Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team will be having their 4th annual Emergency Services Behavioral Health Summit in Mt. Pleasant. If you are going to be at this event, please stop by and see us.  We will have a table.  More information can be found at https://firefightersupport.org/

(July 20-21) The South Carolina Fire Academy will be presenting The Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy.  We normally do this course two times a year. If you are interested, look for course 2110 on the South Carolina Fire Academy portal. https://fire.llr.sc.gov/Portal/Registration/CataSearch.aspx Cost for this is $100 (plus lodging) for in-state.

(August 4th - AM) The South Carolina Fire Academy will be presenting Chaplaincy & The Law.  This is an advanced course for public safety chaplains to understand the legal framework they operate under in the United States and in South Carolina.  Because this is an advanced course you will need to have either the ICPC "Basics" course or the FFC "Essentials" course. If you are interested in this course please get a hold of Chaplain Chris Wade (chris.wade@llr.sc.gov) for more information.  This will be a virtual class from 8 am-Noon.  The cost is $25 in-state.  Registration is at https://fire.llr.sc.gov/Portal/Registration/CataSearch.aspx  Look for class #2500

(August 4th - PM) - The South Carolina Fire Academy is hosting a free three-hour workshop to help fire departments understand what happens after a firefighter fatality and the steps to prepare for such a tragic event.  This event is from 1-4 pm and is free. To register, go to https://fire.llr.sc.gov/Portal/Registration/registration.aspx?crsidnt=72296